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One of the features with LAD is that you are able to search and see results in the Lao language. However, in order to do this, you will need to use a Lao Unicode font. If you do not have that installed on your computer, download the font, unzip it, and place it inside fonts under the Control Panel in Windows. If you have problems with this, please contact NAFRI ICT and we will help you.

If search words are entered with spaces, LAD will search reports containing either (and both) of these words, but not necessarily together nor in the other they are entered. If upland rice is entered, the search engine could return matches on Improving rice based upland cropping systems for the Lao PDR.

If the search words are surrounded by quotes (the "- or '-character), it is seen as a single expression and returned matches will have these words in order. If "upland rice" is entered, the search engine could return matches on Studies on production limiting factors of upland rice in Northern Laos.

The search engine is case insensitive, which means that it ignores the case of the characters entered. For example, the search words UPLAND, upland, and uPlAnD are all treated the same. For more search help, download the manual.

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Agrovoc is the common thesaurus or dictionary used by FAO for agriculture and forestry terminology. It contains more than 15,000 agriculture related terms. In addition and at a wider level it will help to standardize the usage of Lao agriculture and forestry terms. Use the Agrovoc to find reports. Click on the ADD button to get a Agrovoc window and select the descriptors you prefer followed by the search button.

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