LAD version 2 and 3 (Lao Agriculture Database version 2) is based on the Lao Agriculture Database (LAD) and has been adapted to work better with the Lao language together with better and easier search functions than the original LAD version. LAD - from version 2 - has been developed from scratch by NAFRI ICT section and Joakim Lagerqvist, for comments, suggestions or questions you are welcome to contact us.

The Lao Agriculture Database was the first on-line system to collect Lao agriculture and forestry reports and materials in both the Lao and English Languages, and occasionally in other languages.

LAD was established by the National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI) in collaboration with the Thai AGRIS Center, Library of Kasetsart University (Thailand) to improve the collection and dissemination of agriculture and forestry related information in Laos. The system is originally based on the AGRIS system of FAO.

The database includes research results, surveys, training and extension materials, working papers, as well as policy and strategy reports. The database consists of bibliographic information, abstracts and to a limited extent, full text digital files. Currently, the database has 4709 records with a total 2210 downloadable fulltext files.

The LAD system is closely linked with Agrovoc which is the common thesaurus or dictionary used by FAO for agriculture and forestry terminology. It contains more than 15,000 agriculture related terms. NAFRI decided to translate the AGROVOC terms to help in the development of the LAD system as it will help Lao researchers better search and categorize the research being generated. In addition and at a wider level it will help to standardize the usage of Lao agriculture and forestry terms.

The Lao AGROVOC was developed jointly by a group of more than 40 staff from both NAFRI and NUOL. It was also informed and assisted by the Thai AGRIS center of the Kasetsart University Library which had already translated AGROVOC into Thai. This version of Lao AGROVOC has been created in two phases. The first phase involved subject matter specialists translating all the different terms in AGROVOC. In the second phase, a group of senior editors reviewed and confirmed the first translations.

It has been decided at this stage to use this draft version of AGROVOC for assigning keyword desciptors to the Lao Agriculture Database. However, all feedback and suggestions to improve this version are welcome. If see any corrections, mistakes or would like to offer alternatives to the current translation then please contact NAFRI.

LAD - Lao Agriculture Database, version 3.0