LAD number:LAD010320080375
Title (main, Lao):ການປູກໝາກແຕງ
Literary indicators:R (Report/ບົດລາຍງານ)
Corporate authors:Object
Publication code(s):HRC
Author address code(s):HRC
Report type:Manual, Extension material
Media type:Book
Primary subject category:Agriculture - General aspects - ການກະສິກຳທົ່ວໄປ
Secondary subject category:Crop husbandry - ການຜະລິດທາງດ້ານພືດທັນຍາຫານ; Cropping patterns and systems - ລະບົບການປູກພືດ
Availability:NAFRI Library, Vientiane (Lao PDR)
Publication place:Vientiane (Lao PDR)
Publication date:1997-08
Pages (book, total):10
Summary statement:Lao
Language of text:Lao
Descriptors:Vegetable crops; Vegetable growing; Vegetable harvesters; ; ການປູກພືດຜັກ; ເຄື່ອງເກັບກ່ຽວພືດຜັກ;
Keywords:Vegetable crops; ພືດຜັກ; ການປູກໝາກແຕງ; ການເລືອກແນວພັນປູກ; ການປູກ; ການບົວລະບັດຮັກສາ; ການເກັບກ່ຽວ;

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