LAD number:LAD010320100084
Title (main, Eng):Growth response curve of local chicken fed Paper mulberry leaf (Broussonetia papyrifera) silage as protein source and increasing levels of paddy rice
Literary indicators:R (Report/ບົດລາຍງານ)
Corporate authors:Animal Science Department, Faculty of Agriculture and Forest Resource Souphanouvong University, Luang prabang province, Lao P D R
Publication code(s):Not specific
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Author(s):Sangkhom Inthapanya; Somphanh Bounyavong; ສັງຄົມ ອິນທະປັນຍາ; ສົມພັນ ບຸນຍາວົງ
Report type:Research Literature
Media type:Book
Availability:ຫ້ອງສະໝຸດ ສະຖາບັນຄົ້ນຄວ້າ ກະສິກຳ ແລະ ປ່າໄມ້ແຫ່ງຊາດ
Publication place:Luang prabang province,( Lao P D R)
Publication date:2010
Pages (book, total):8
Summary statement:Eng
Language of text:Eng
Keywords:Paper mulberry leaf, paddy rice, Rice bran, Dry matter, Organic matter, Crude protein, feed conversion, feed intake, Tropical forages;
Abstract (Eng):Growth of local (400-700 g of live weight) chickens (n= 24) was studied in a Random completely Block design with 4 treatments, 2 replications: The treatment were: protein source of Paper mulberry leaf silage (Broussonetia papyrifera) and increasing of Paddy rice. The local chickens were housed in individual in cages made from bamboo and wood.Paper mulberry leaf silage was lower in DM and higher in crude protein than both feeds as paddy rice and rice bran. The proportion of the diet DM consumed as supplements of each level was in the range of 33.3 to 51.3 %.The supplements increased the growth rates on both levels as: 5 % and 25%, but 15 % in paddy rice was the growth rate lower than, with apparent differences between on both levels supplements. Growth rates were better for paper mulberry leaf silage plus 5% of paddy rice than for Paper mulberry leaf silage only and supplements another level. DM feed conversion was better on 25 % of paddy rice supplement than two level of supplement treatments compared with the no supplement treatment.
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